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I just finished reading City of Fire by Robert Ellis. It was such a good book. I highly recommend it! It was nonstop suspense from the beginning to the last page! Here's my review that I wrote for the review site.

Nikki Brant has just found out she is pregnant. She is overjoyed and can’t wait to share the news with her husband, James Brant. Unfortunately she won’t live to tell anyone. A killer has entered her home and crawled into her bed.

When James Brant finds his wife, naked and viciously murdered, he is overcome with grief. Detective Lena Gamble and her partner Detective Hank Novak are assigned the case. James Brant is the perfect suspect and the police assume he killed his wife. Gamble quickly discovers that her first case, the murder of Teresa Lopez, is somehow connected to the murder of Nikki Brant. Gamble and Novak realize this is not an isolated incident but is instead a serial murder case. Quickly the pair put together the clues and DNA to find the perpetrator before he has the chance to kill another woman.

Gamble’s brother, David, was a member of a famous rock band until he was found shot to death in his car. David’s murder was never solved and it’s haunted her to this day. Now five years later, Gamble’s current case starts to connect to her brother’s murder. The police assume they’ve found David’s killer, but Gamble doesn’t believe that’s true. She concludes that the police are trying to close an old case by pinning it on a dead man who can’t defend himself and his character. Gamble doesn’t trust her own colleagues and starts to suspect an elaborate cover up is happening.

As the hunt for the killer intensifies, Gamble becomes his next targeted victim. The police search for the latest missing woman as time ticks away and forest fires ignite throughout the city. Will the police save the latest victim in time or will they be too late?

CITY OF FIRE was the most fascinating, suspenseful, tightly woven, scary, nail-biting, mystery that I’ve ever read. The suspense is so unbelievable that you will not be able to put it down. The writing was spectacular and I would definitely recommend this book to readers who enjoy a suspenseful whodunit with an explosive and satisfying ending. 09:51 pm

I will begin this by saying a very good friend of mine online passed away a couple months ago. I only found out about a month ago and was dreading returning to Live Journal since this journal started thanks to that friend, Chelsea. We used to Live Journal exclusively to each other and it makes me very sad to know she can't see my posts anymore. Chelsea was only 21 years old when she died. She had a disease that she was born with and knew she wouldn't live to a ripe old age. Her dream was to become a writer but she died before she could accomplish this. She was a fabulous writer and her books would have flew off the shelves in the bookstore. She was a very kind soul and so kind at heart. She never complained about anything and was always so upbeat. Chelsea will be greatly missed.
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I finished The Mephisto Club which is Tess Gerritsen's best book ever! I wrote the review and submitted it. Then I started Damnantion Street for another site I review for. I am kind of tired and wasnt in the mood for it so I picked up my 14 day library book which is a completely different subject so it wont confuse me. It's called The Yellow Lighted Bookshop: A Memoir, a History by Lewis Buzbee. It's all about loving books, working in bookshops, etc. It's only 200 pages and the pages are really small, so it's a nice quick read. I love short little books. They're fun to read when you want something light and easy to read. I've read too many heavy books lately. I want to find the memoir section at the library. I'd love to browse it. The library is going to have alot of books for me soon so I need to get reading. I wonder if FF will send me more books now that I finished the Tess Gerritsen book or if they'll wait for me to do the Stephanie Bond book first. I think while I am reading my next book after these two, I'll read the Stephanie Bond one too in between. It's kind of fun reading more then one book at once. I dont usually do it. But this girl whose website I look at is currently reading 10 books at once and I found that fascinating and wondered why I dont read more then one. I guess I dont because you cant read two mysteries or two fiction novels at once cause you'll get confused. But there's no reason why I cant read something totally different at the same time. So that's the trick. They have to be 2 different genres. I should have written a book about the love of reading like this guy did. How easy is that? Everyone loves books about books! :) I want to find more books like this cause I really like it. Well that's it for now. Raymond got me flowers yesterday. They're gorgeous but they're getting a little droppy. I have to change the water tomorrow. It's 12 am. He's in the bathroom. I think I'll read some more before I go to bed. I'm reading the Yellow Lighted Bookshop. Nice little book. Light in my hands.
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